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American Prep Group
Serving Students Worldwide             Since 2008

American Prep Group specializes in US College admissions counseling.  We work with students and professionals worldwide. In addition, we offer college prep academic coaching, as well as individualized preparation for the SAT, GRE, and GMAT.  

Counseling sessions and classes are conducted online via Skype, at the student’s convenience. 

We are Columbia University alumni and have over 20 years of experience teaching and counseling in American private schools and universities.  

The language of instruction is English.

Other services include:

 - Pre-college planning and academic coaching for high school students;  

-  IGCSE (English & math) test prep;

 - IB Extended Essay mentoring; 

Billing and payments are handled via Paypal. Initial session is offered at no charge. Please contact us for more details:

Email: Fernando Multedo

Columbia College- Columbia University (3)
Barnard College - Columbia University
Yale College - Yale University
Harvard College- Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania (Huntsman Program)
Duke University
Georgetown University
Johns Hopkins University
New York University
Boston College
Babson College
Pepperdine University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Morehead Cain Scholarship)
University of Chicago
American University
Fordham University
Northeastern University
University of Miami

Working with students individually, we provide comprehensive counseling to assist in the search for the right college or university, based on the student's academic interests, extracurricular activities, geographical preferences, and budget. We help our students stay on top of deadlines, complete the Common Application, define essay topics, tone and approach, review re-writes and complete their applications.  

Counseling is offered throughout the academic year on an individualized basis.

          by Fernando Multedo, Ed.D.

           by Fernando Multedo, Ed.D.

Recent University Acceptances

What our students say:

In the end, all of our hard work paid off. I was accepted into the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago with Financial and Housing Aid. I can’t thank American Prep Group enough for helping me with all of the aspects of my applications. 

Thus, I strongly recommend American Prep Group to Brazilian students who want to pursue a degree in the United States, but don’t know how to answer the many questions and how to tackle the various problems that arise during the application process. 

If you have any questions, don’t worry: Fernando and Molly have the answers. 

Francisco Alfaro
University of Chicago

I strongly recommend American Prep Group services to college applicants committed to making an effective appeal for admission. 

This team does more than just counseling. Among the countless attributes the educators bring to the table is exceptional personal attention. Fernando, Molly, and Michael combine each other’s strengths for unparalleled advising. Each has a unique teaching style and provides critical input.

The methodology is technologically advanced and accessible to students worldwide. Class assignments are intensive and maximize both: the utilization of advisor time and advisee development. The end result is an outstanding preparation for university applications.

Peter F.
New York University

Fernando and Molly are two inspiring and very bright teachers. Fernando would assist me in the creative process of the essays and organize my thoughts while Molly would help me improve these essays and look for grammar errors. It was the perfect combination. And throughout the process, I was able to develop my writing skills to an impressive extent. 

Both were always available and willing to teach me. But most importantly, they believed in my success. No one has ever motivated me as the Multedos did. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have gone through this exhausting task without them. At the end of the process, I was able to choose from several top-notch institutions in the United States. 

Right now, I am thrilled to join the University of Miami Class of 2017. Thank you for helping me conquer this dream! I highly recommend the American Prep Group. 

Rafaela F.
University of Miami

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